Makes easy work of hard water.

Introducing VICCHEM’S OUTRIGHT 770 spray adjuvant, the ultimate solution to enhance your herbicide performance.

Our product is designed to make herbicides work more effectively, even in challenging hard water conditions. With its unique blend of ammonium sulphate and HASTEN technology, OUTRIGHT 770 spray adjuvant is your key to achieving outstanding results in your farming operations.

The Problem with Hard Water?

Reduced Herbicide Efficacy.

Hard water contains minerals like calcium and magnesium, which can bind with herbicides, reducing their effectiveness. This means your herbicides may not work as well as they should, leading to less effective weed control.

Claim your Free Hard Water Test Kit!

Are you unsure about the quality of your water for herbicide spraying? We’ve got you covered. Receive a complimentary VICCHEM Hard Water Test Kit to ensure your water is compatible with OUTRIGHT 770 spray adjuvant. Don’t miss this opportunity to optimise your herbicide application.


Maximise Your Herbicide'sPotential with OUTRIGHT 770

Enhanced Penetration

The HASTEN Technology inside OUTRIGHT 770 spray adjuvant helps herbicides penetrate tough, waxy weed surfaces, ensuring they work effectively.

Extended Herbicide Activity

It delays the drying of sprayed droplets on weeds, keeping herbicides active for longer.

Improved Adhesion

The spray droplets adhere to the target and spread for maximum herbicide uptake.

Hard Water Solution

OUTRIGHT 770 spray adjuvant prevents herbicide deactivation in hard water, ensuring consistent performance.


It combines three essential adjuvants in one product, simplifying herbicide mixing and application.

Time & Cost-Effective

With OUTRIGHT 770 spray adjuvant, you get the benefits of multiple adjuvants in a single, cost-effective solution.

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OUTRIGHT 770 spray adjuvant is registered for use with most knockdown herbicides including:

  • Glyphosate products
  • 2,4-D products
  • Garlon*(triclopyr products)
  • Paraquat and diquat products
  • Basta*
  • Lontrel*(clopyralid products)
  • Goal* (oxyfluorfen products)

So, What’s inside the drum

OUTRIGHT 770 spray adjuvant is a unique three-way mix of surfactants, penetrating oil and ammonium sulphate specifically designed for use in Australia. Each of the three components performs different functions, combining to create an ideal adjuvant for use in many situations.

Ethyl and Methyl Ester:

Ethyl and Methyl Esters of canola oil act as a penetrating oil, facilitating the penetration of active ingredients through the waxy surface of weeds. It also reduces surface evaporation, maximizing the time available for foliar uptake.

Non-Ionic Surfactants:

Non-ionic surfactants help spray droplets adhere to the target and spread effectively, improving herbicide uptake and overall performance.

Ammonium Sulphate:

This crucial component aids in overcoming the challenges posed by hard water. It helps prevent the adverse effects hard water can have on certain herbicides, making them more effective in challenging conditions.